Looking for a Guardian for the Cloud

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For the average citizen, the problem is not who spies on him or her, but to whom he or she is voluntarily transfering private data. There are doubts about how this private information should be managed and by whom.

El País, 14 – 11 – 2013

Criptonube, CloudSEEP and SafeGDocs provide solutions for automatic privacy protection, so that the data can be effectively managed and processed without transfer the actual clear-text data. This implies a full privacy protection.

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Google Transparency Report Reveals Dramatic Rise in User Data Requests

google_chartsEverything changed when news of the U.S. government’s PRISM spying program came to light. In an instant, we went from assuming our dealings online were mostly kept private (or as private as we wanted them to be) to knowing that virtually nothing is out of bounds, not even instant messaging conversations.

MaximumPC, 11/14/2013

CloudSEEP, Criptonube and SafeGDocs provide effective solutions to fill this gap and fully protect sensitive data, accounting for user privacy needs and enabling secure Cloud services.

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US data storage providers facing lack of trust from its clients

Francisco Ginel, director marketing of security products and services at Telefonica Digital, explains there is a big distrust towards the United States and many look for securing their data. The Snowden case is having not just political but also economics consequences for the IT companies under the American laws, mainly due to the power granted to the secret services of this country.


The Cloud Security Alliance pointed out in a recent survey from July –made to 207 companies from outside the U.S.– that more of the 56% of the companies were reticent to use services providers from that country. Moreover, a 10% of them even also cancelled projects related with it. These reservations are not only extensible to the private sector, but also some countries like Sweden or Brazil have already started taking measures to stop using their cloud services.

Some foresights predict that if there are no changes in the current legislation, many business opportunities could be lost until 2016 for a value of 25.6 billion euros. However, until the moment none of the big companies involved (Google, Yahoo…) have recognized a loss of clients.

Snowden case has caused great lessening of trust of the U.S. data storage providers, encouraging EU companies to move their data to another countries. Solutions offered by SCAPE, with CloudSEEP or Criptonube will help in keeping data safe and accessible even during its processing in untrusted environments, such as the ones based on cloud services.

Source (in Spanish): El País