Credit card details from million users recently stolen


Credit card details (names, credit card and social security numbers) from almost half of all South Koreans have been stolen and sold to marketing firms. The data was stolen by a computer contractor working for a company called the Korea Credit Bureau that produces credit scores.

Last december another crime was committed against Target US retail. The company says up to 70 million customers had payment card and personal data stolen from the company’s databases. These data includes card numbers, names, postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

This kind of cyber-crime could be avoided or minimized applying strict security policies, saving millions of dollars in indemnifications to the companies. Solutions provided by SCAPE could be of help in guaranteeing the data management is made in a safe way, avoiding sensitive data leakages.


US data storage providers facing lack of trust from its clients

Francisco Ginel, director marketing of security products and services at Telefonica Digital, explains there is a big distrust towards the United States and many look for securing their data. The Snowden case is having not just political but also economics consequences for the IT companies under the American laws, mainly due to the power granted to the secret services of this country.


The Cloud Security Alliance pointed out in a recent survey from July –made to 207 companies from outside the U.S.– that more of the 56% of the companies were reticent to use services providers from that country. Moreover, a 10% of them even also cancelled projects related with it. These reservations are not only extensible to the private sector, but also some countries like Sweden or Brazil have already started taking measures to stop using their cloud services.

Some foresights predict that if there are no changes in the current legislation, many business opportunities could be lost until 2016 for a value of 25.6 billion euros. However, until the moment none of the big companies involved (Google, Yahoo…) have recognized a loss of clients.

Snowden case has caused great lessening of trust of the U.S. data storage providers, encouraging EU companies to move their data to another countries. Solutions offered by SCAPE, with CloudSEEP or Criptonube will help in keeping data safe and accessible even during its processing in untrusted environments, such as the ones based on cloud services.

Source (in Spanish): El País