SCAPE can provide solutions for any scenario where sensitive or confidential data must be processed in an untrustworthy environment, like the cloud. Any outsourced process is susceptible of being protected by SCAPE technologies.

Biometrics security


Document security

  • Secure watermark detection in public scenarios
  • Secure analysis and classification of documents
  • Secure pattern finding in encrypted documents
  • Document signing

Secure multi-party computation (MPC)

  • SLA signing involving several parties.
  • Data comparison, on-line gaming
  • Log analysis (intrusion detection)
  • Business secure benchmarking
  • Platform for auctions

Other scenarios

  • Key management
  • e-Voting
  • Secure Positioning
  • Access control (SSO, resources sharing…)
  • e-Commerce (credit card and bank account protection)
  • Tokenization

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