A secure way to work with Google Drive

SafeGDocsSafeGDocs is an add-on for the Firefox browser that offers an additional security layer to Google Docs office suite. For this purpose, SafeGDocs intercepts the documents content, compressing and encrypting it, so all the information stored in Google servers is safe.The main target of this add-on is to provide security without third parties dependency: the information required to encrypt and decrypt documents is managed by each user through his master password, and the metadata needed to recover the documents is kept encrypted in his Google Docs account. In this way, full privacy is guaranteed and anyone, neither ourselves, Google or any other who intercepts the communication, will be able to access the real documents content.
SafeGDocs is seamlessly integrated with Google Drive. The document edition is still performed through the usual Google Docs interface, although SafeGDocs adds some minor changes that allow to easily identify and manage the encrypted documents.

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